Food. We can't live without it. Although what our major supermarkets have to offer us these days is becoming less and less real nutrient dense food, and increasingly highly processed 'stomach-fillers'. The limited range of 'healthy' or organic lines are expensive and come in tiny portions.

Here at Co-op Stop Brisbane, you can find an alternative source of food products for you and your family. Welcome and thanks for visiting!

How it Works

Send us your email address and we will add you to the Co-op Stop Brisbane emailing list. (co.opstopbrisbane@gmail.com)

Co-op Stop Brisbane is run as a service, not as a typical co-op. Only a small percentage is added to recoup other costs as well as 'some' time. As volunteers we try to co-ordinate the co-op to run as efficiently, smoothly and as simply as possible, therefore:
  1. Please make yourselves familiar with the Co-op Conditions of Membership. Points 2, 4, 5 and 6 relate directly to ordering and pick up.
  2. Currently orders will be quarterly e.g. Jan-Feb, Apr-May, Jul-Aug, Oct-Nov.
  3. Just before the beginning of the ordering month we will send you a price list. You will be notified of the ordering cut off date and payment details.
  4. Get your orders and payment in early as there is only a small window for orders to be taken. This ensures we have less out of stock items.
  5. When you email through your order, we will reply to confirm we have received it. 
  6. After the close time, you will then be sent the total cost and your portion of freight charges, including bank details for you to transfer or direct deposit. Please make sure payment is made before the specified time asked as payment secures your order.
  7. Orders will then be sent off to the supplier. Your items should be delivered to designated pick up locations and ready collection within 12 days.

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